The Antonov An-2 biplane, the largest single engined biplane, is still in service in the military of some countries and in use as a civil aircraft and private aircraft in many others. It is also on display in museums around the world. Like the DC-3, it's easy to find from above using GE. Like the Douglas DC-3 , it is a survivor, and will continue to be in service for quite some time to come. First designed as an agricultural plane in the 40's, first flown in 1947, and first manufactured in 1948, the design quickly found many other uses. Its manufacture was licensed to Poland and China (Y-5 models), which continued to produce the plane after it went out of production in the Soviet Union.

Click to see a 360 panorama of the cockpit and interior of an An-2.  >>>   Airport. AN-2 aircraft cockpit. Barnaul, Russia. August, 2009. in Barnaul

Dimensions are approximately 60 ft wingspan and 41 ft. length
The An-2 is in service all around the world, with An-2 flying now or at one time in all the states of Eastern Europe and China, plus Afghanistan, Angola, Armenia, Benin, Bolivia, Botswana, Brazil, Cambodia, Chad, Colombia, Croatia, Cuba, Djibouti, Egypt, Ethiopia, France, Georgia, Greece, Grenada, Guinea, India, Iraq, Latvia, Laos, Lesotho,Lithuania,Macedonia, Mali, Mexico, Mongolia, Mozambique, Nepal, the Netherlands, Nicaragua, North Korea, Peru, Poland, South Africa, Sudan, Romania, Russia, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, Venezuela, Vietnam, Yemen, and Zambia. A rising number of An-2 retired from official service have been picked up by private pilots.

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The attachment has An-2/Y-5 biplanes I have found, and many found by others that have been previously posted. I have tried to accurately credit the original finders of the planes if they were found by others. Let me know if you have been left out.

60 ft wingspan and 41 ft. length 

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